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Looking to get back in shape after the summer? If you’re interested in Personal Training away from the hustle and bustle of a big box gym, drop us a line.



Discover the new you

Going to Centreparcs, looking at the climbing wall and thinking ‘I can do that’. Running your first 10K in Hylands Park as part of Race for Life. Sitting at your desk near Liverpool Street with better posture, more focus, less discomfort and an understanding of why it’s important to move more. Matching your kids’ energy levels because you feel so good. Running to catch the train and feeling…well, okay!

Sound good? Personal Training doesn’t have to be revolutionary or intense. It can start with the smallest steps – the realisation that you just don’t feel good anymore coupled with a quiet determination to do something about it.

And that’s where we come in.

We’ve helped stressed executives reclaim the health, vitality and calm they thought they’d lost. We’ve helped busy mums carve out time to help them physically cope with the demands of parenthood. And we’ve helped people who haven’t moved quickly since school Sports Day to gain strength, lift weights they thought were impossible, and regain confidence in their appearance – and themselves.

Redefining Personal Training
Personal Training means different things to different people. You might think it’s just having a heavily muscled dude shouting at you to work harder as you sweatily throw around a heavy ball with a handle on it until you collapse. In some cases, you might be right – and for that person, that style of training may be absolutely perfect. But at Live Simple, we do things differently, because Personal Training, and health, are about more than just getting sweaty.

Yes, we want to help you achieve your goals. But we also want to help you understand more about your body and how it should move, address issues that are causing you pain or holding you back, and give you the tools to look after your body for a lifetime. You’re our student, not our client.

Ultimately, our aim is to help you make long-term, sustainable changes that have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Methodical, structured and fun training to make you feel better.

We want to:

  • Help you feel fitter than you did 20 years ago
  • Give you the accountability and motivation you need to succeed
  • Upgrade your mind by upgrading your body – more energy, more focus and better sleep
  • Redefine what you thought was possible
Individualised planning
You are an individual. Your plan will look different to every other one of our student’s, because your goal, your body and your starting point is unique. Yes, there are some things that we believe everyone should do for optimal health, but every single body that we’ve ever seen has had its quirks. We’ll help you work them out.

  • We’ll work with you to set achievable goals and establish how we’ll work together to achieve them
  • We’ll design personalised, fun and motivating sessions to help you achieve those goals
  • We’ll work your body in the way it was meant to move, lifting heavy things, sprinting and playing
  • We’ll take care to keep you safe by assessing your movement and mobility as we go, and listening to your feedback
  • We’ll give you the extra nudge you need to do things you didn’t think you could do

Private, focused training – away from the masses
Going to the gym can be daunting. People staring. Music from a spin class blaring. Guys dropping heavy weights on the floor while checking themselves out in the mirror. We’ve seen all the cliches, and we wanted to be different.

So we built our own studio. A small, peaceful and private space in Springfield, Chelmsford, with no distractions, high-quality equipment and a good stereo. There’s no one else in the studio when we are. No queues for the equipment. No one staring. Just us, working together to change your life.

Flexibility to fit in with your busy lifestyle
We’ll find a time to train that suits you, whether that’s 5:30am before you go to work, or 9:30pm once the kids are in bed and the work’s done. We keep our client roster small so that we can be as flexible as possible – we want you to love Personal Training, not add to your stresses.

We also understand that sometimes a last minute meeting comes up, or the kids are sick, or you’re called abroad to make a presentation – we’ll work with you to rearrange last minute sessions that work for both of us. After all, we’ve been there too.

Upgrade your existing workouts
If you consider yourself an experienced trainer, we can still help. Whether it’s to mix up your workouts with new ideas, help you fix niggles and issues that have been bugging you, or help you correct the technique you’ve never been sure about that, we can take a look at your programming, workouts, and form, and help you get the most out of training.

Choose your package

£50 per session
Sold in blocks of 10 one hour sessions. Includes complimentary access to our Outdoor Fitness sessions, a training programme tailored to your needs, and ongoing support as you continue your journey to a healthier, fitter and simpler life.
£50 per session
Sold in blocks of 10 one hour sessions. Team up with a buddy to push each other to reach your goals. Includes complimentary access to our Outdoor Fitness sessions, training programmes adapted to meet your goals, and ongoing support as you continue your journey to a healthier, fitter and simpler life.
30 min HIIT
£25 per session
If you’re in a hurry but want to make an impact, choose our 30 minute high intensity interval training, available either as a one-to-one, two-to-one or small group session.


  • I really enjoy my training sessions with Keith - I learn a huge amount, and not just about the training, but also the other options you have to change your lifestyle. I have made massive progress - Keith is a natural trainer.
    ~ Jon Tracey
  • The guidance from Keith was just what I needed. I was tired of my old gym routine and my motivation was gone. Keith has introduced me to a different way of training that is easy to fit in around a busy week and most importantly is a lot of fun. I always enjoy his sessions. And if you want to change the way you eat to boost energy and mood he is the guy to go to, full of good advice.
    ~ Lorne Hope
  • This is going to sound ridiculously dramatic, but I truly believe Live Simple not only saved my life, but gave my whole family a brighter future. It started with relatively small steps - Keith advised me to give up wheat and sugar. It sounded impossible but within three days I started to feel like a different person. Within three months I’d dropped three stone and gone from a size 18 to a size 10. The interesting thing is - I didn’t care about losing weight. It was just a bonus. I’d finally made the connection that being healthy is more important than being thin. It was a revelation. The whole Live Simple concept has opened my eyes in so many ways. I think differently about food, exercise, career, family - everything. Keith and Angela have helped me to understand and appreciate what is really important in life. They are an inspiration.”
    ~ Julie Bellham, VanillaRevolution.com


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