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General Questions

  • Paleo diet? Minimalism? Interval Training? It all sounds a bit weird…
    I know, I know. We never would have thought we would have eliminated grains from our diets, have deadlifts and squats as the central part of our training, realised that money isn’t everything, and decluttered our house within an inch of its life. But, from the easy to understand things (cookies are bad for you, don’t eat cookies) right through to the slightly bonkers things (making our own deodorant, having sauerkraut as our go-to snack and intermittently fasting), we’ve made fundamental improvements to our health and wellbeing - and now we want to help you do the same.
  • What made you try a Real Food Diet?
    Simple. We got fat, ill, tired and had had enough. You can find out more by reading Keith’s story and Angela’s story.

Outdoor Fitness

  • Why does it start at 08:00? That’s so early!
    Good point, sport. We choose 08:00 as it is still quiet at that time, and it means you can be home, showered, and eating breakfast by 09:30. That means you’ll have the whole day ahead of you still, and you’ll feel amazing! If you have two or three friends that would be interested in attending a later session, let me know and we can try and work something out.
  • I haven’t worked out for absolutely ages. Is this right for me?
    You’ll be fine. This class is designed for generally active, injury-free individuals. If you are unsure whether or not you fall in to this category, then let’s chat. We want to make sure you’re as safe as possible, and all of the exercises and routines we do can be made simpler and less intense.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    If it’s cold, wrap up warm, it’s on. Snowing? On. Raining? On. Too hot? Wear fewer clothes and bring water. If rain has made the park too slippery or dangerous, we’ll go exploring and find an alternative.

Personal Training Questions

  • What kind of training will we do?
    We will use a variety of training techniques, including Outdoor Fitness drills using tyres, logs, and the natural environment, strength training and barbell work, kettlebells, mobility work, and functional moves. All of it is designed to get you fitter, stronger, more flexible and more mobile - while having a brilliant time!
  • Do I have to start with Six Weeks to Simple?
    Ideally, yes. We think this is the best way to get started with us here at Live Simple, and gives you an overview of all of the aspects of it - the training, the food, the decluttering, the lifestyle, and everything you need to give you a taste of what it’s like to take control of your health. It’s also heavily discounted on our regular prices to make it more accessible. If you’re just having one to one Pilates sessions, you don’t have to start with Six Weeks to Simple.

Pilates Questions

  • Pilates is just for women, isn’t it?
    One hundred percent, no. Many Pilates teachers and students are male, and the exercise benefits are just as applicable to men as to women. Pilates can be a very challenging exercise regime, which will push you as far as you want to go – so please don’t be put off by thinking it’s not manly enough! You’ll have the last laugh when your friends see how much faster/stronger/leaner you are, after a few months of Pilates lessons.
  • Isn’t it just another exercise fad?
    Far from it. Named after Joseph Pilates, who set up his first studio in New York in 1926, it has grown in popularity over the last 40 years as the huge range of benefits have become more widely recognised. Body Control Pilates, with who Angela trained, has been pivotal in making Pilates accessible to the general public across the UK, and now globally, and has been training teachers since 1999. As a result, Pilates continues to go from strength to strength and the demand for classes is ever increasing.